She’s not there teaser


Recalling this day makes me wonder: what does Sam’s past hold that he hasn’t told me about?


*wishing I had a few answers for him*


I find myself runnn’ to Luna’s faster than I have ever run before. Then out the corner of my eye, I see movement an’ I know it’s a wolf. I keep runnin’, I jus’ have to get there, but the wolf continues to follow. Why doesn’t he overtake me? He could outrun me in this form if he wanted to, so I slow my pace an’ notice that his footfalls slow also.

So what does this mean? Why are the Pack watchin’ Luna. Are they lookin’ for Marcus? Do they only think he is missin’? Where is Alcide? Did he not declare that he killed Marcus an’ that he’s now Pack Master? Are they really after Emma, or are they jus’ watchin’ to make sure she is safe, cause they don’t want the daughter of their Pack Master to vanish from under their noses too?

I leap out from the…

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Midnight Run

Sam was so sweet to think of going for a run. The wind whipping through my mane as my hooves pounded over the earth felt so good! For the first time in a long time I began to think things might actually work out…then he had to go and ruin it.

I saw the wolf pacing us. He tried to stay downwind and out of sight but the way we were running, that wasn’t feasible. It’s not like we were running to something. We weren’t running away, either, which was kind of a novel experience for me at least. We were just running for the joy of it. That made us hard to predict, at least for the wolf following us. I guess that’s why they run in packs.

Deep down I knew Marcus’ Pack wouldn’t, couldn’t, leave me and Emma alone. She’s half Were, after all. She could go either way when the time comes. Part of me hopes that by living with me, and spending time with Sam rather than the Pack, will tilt the odds in favor of her manifesting as a shifter but I know it’s a crap shoot. I can’t blame the Pack for wanting to keep an eye on her, on us. But really, they could be polite enough to ask.

True Blood BeWere

Running with that wolf was as close as I’d come to the Pack since Marcus…. I’d been trying hard to keep my head down and not do anything that would attract their attention. I thought I’d done a good enough job that Alcide, or whoever had become Pack Leader, had forgotten all about us. The presence of that wolf said otherwise.

There was another possibility. I have no idea what Alcide told the Pack had happened to Marcus. It was possibly, although highly unlikely, they didn’t know Marcus was dead. If that were true…there were possibilities. If it weren’t  true, I guess that was what worried Sam.

Sam Merlotte dog True Blood

I want to think Sam was sniffing around my back door because he wanted to make sure Emma and I were safe. I want to think that he came around as a dog because he’d be able to find and track any strange scents or stray wolves he found. I want to think he didn’t want to give my neighbors any more reason to talk than we already have. Trust a guy to try to do the right thing in the wrong way. That’s what I want to think. 

The problem is, I’m not sure that is what I think. I didn’t fight free of Marcus just to get caught up in another similar situation. Sam is great. What we have is great but can I really trust it, trust him, to last?



If only we were. Emma would be a true shifter. I wouldn’t have to worry she might become a Were Ina few years. I could cut all the ties to my past, to Marcus and his Pack. Unfortunately i’ve learned there are many happy endings in life. Dare I hope this is one?


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Wild Horses

Every girl goes through a horse stage. Mine just lasted longer than most. In fact, you could say I’m still in it. 

True Blood horses

I wasn’t much older than my Emma the first time I shifted. I’d been out watching some horses running, thinking how great it would be to just run and run and never look back. It was getting dark and I knew I should be getting home. I could hear my Shimasani calling my name but just couldn’t tear myself away. More than anything I wanted to climb the fence and ride one of those horses. 

I was so caught up in my daydream I didn’t notice the moon rising. All I knew was that I was suddenly in pain. A lot of pain. Then everything kind of went gray and the world erupted into sparkles. I don’t know how long that first shift took. I just remember waking up on the ground with my dad and grandparents staring at me. 

They didn’t say anything as I heaved myself up onto four hooves. My shi’nali opened the gate to the horse pasture. I couldn’t believe they were letting me in with the horses. I couldn’t believe I was a horse. It was a dream come true! My dad laid a hand on my shoulder and said we’d talk later, after. Part of me must’ve understood the shift wasn’t permanent because I dashed through the gate and didn’t look back.

That was the first time. The last time I shifted into a horse was a few weeks ago. A group of us had met for dinner and decided to go for a run. It was just as powerful and freeing as I remembered. It was a night I’ll never forget.