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Summer Daze

School was out but it didn’t feel like summer. A clap of thunder drew her attention to the rain splashed window. This cold, wet weather reminded Luna more of winter in Louisiana than summer anywhere.


The state loomed large in her dreams and her nightmares. It was both the site of some of the happiest days (and nights) of her life and some of the worst, most frightening and painful experiences she ever endured. Even after her long, slow recovery and learning to consciously control her skin walking, Louisiana remained the one place she both wanted desperately and was terrified to go.

Dropping the blinds to limit her view of another gray day, Luna tried to focus on the teacher evaluations she was writing up. She’d been hired as an outside conRainy Day Window sultant to analyze and suggest solutions to some challenges facing the tribal schools. The work had been welcome. It made her feel useful and as if she were giving something back to the people who had stepped up and literally saved her life. She’d even begun to think of some members of the Pawnee tribe as family.

As much as she loved them, however, they couldn’t replace Emma. Nothing would ever replace her daughter.

Luna swiped angrily at a tear racing down her cheek. Emma’s absence in her life was an ache nothing could fill. She didn’t just miss her little girl. Not having her here, with her, was like not having a hand, or a leg or maybe a lung. She just didn’t move or breathe the same.

Lately, she begun to wonder if she dared make a trip to Louisiana. She couldn’t go to Bon Temps, of course. But just being in the same state as her baby would be a relief.

Of course, there was no guarantee Emma was still in Louisiana. Sam might have moved them out of state. He didn’t have any local family, after all. Martha would have thrown a fit but maybe she would have gone with them. She would have been unwilling to leave a wolf alone in the world, even with another shifter. And Sam could probably use the help with a girl child fast becoming a teenager.

The thought made Luna smile, though tears still stung her eyes. Emma would be 12 now, on the brink of becoming a young lady. Luna would love to see that but not if it meant endangering her daughter in any way.


Full Crow Moon

NOTE: this is a companion piece to Adjusting by @MarthaBozeman

Pulling up to Martha’s ranch still felt surreal to Luna. She kept expecting Marcus to burst through the door and demand where she had been, why his mother was taking care of Emma when it was her job as Emma’s mother and his mate. Luna shoved the those thoughts aside, knowing that hard on their heels would come the knowledge that Marcus would be absolutely thrilled that his daughter was a Were rather than a shifter like Luna. Just another weapon he could wield against her.

Luna slammed the car door on the past. Marcus was dead and Martha…Martha had changed. Luna felt guilty about calling her former mother-in-law to babysit Emma because she hated to impose on the older woman, not because she was afraid what Emma might learn or do while in Martha’s care. She knew, without a doubt, that Martha would do anything to protect Emma. What more could a mother ask?

Stepping up onto the porch, Luna knocked softly. Martha opened the door almost immediately implying she’d been waiting for her.

“Emma’s resting, she’s fine, or as fine as a little one is going to be on the day of a full moon,” Martha said before Luna could ask.

Luna felt her shoulders sag with relief. She hadn’t even realized how tense she was. Even after Martha had called to tell her Emma was settled in for a late nap, Luna hadn’t relaxed. She kept thinking she should be with her daughter, not standing in front of a room of teenagers who couldn’t care less if she was there or not.

“Thanks, Martha,” Luna smiled, stepping inside. “I’m sorry about the short notice. I thought she’d be ok, she weathered the last full moon pretty well but this one seems to be hitting her harder. I’m not sure why.”

Luna hadn’t had to call Martha. She could have called Sam, who would have been glad to keep an eye on Emma either in his office or his trailer. But Sam had a business to run and Emma wasn’t his daughter. It wasn’t fair to burden him with taking care of her. But that wasn’t the only reason Luna had called Martha. Sam was a shifter, like Luna. Martha was a Were, like Emma. And Luna was afraid that Emma’s powerful reaction to the full moon had more to do with her Were heritage than Luna realized. The truth was Luna didn’t know much about Weres or their young. What she had learned she had forcibly tried to forget after her divorce. As a result, she wasn’t sure what was happening with her daughter. She hoped that is it was something Were related Martha would know.

Black Friday Shopping

*yawns and stretches. rolling over to watch @SamMerlotteTB sleeping*

Every day after Thanksgiving should start like this. Unfortunately, I have lots of things to do and can’t just lie around being lazy. I told Sam we needed to get the Christmas decorations out today and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Maybe even put a few of them up…we’ll see. I don’t know that I’m that ambitious yet.

I’m certainly not ambitious enough to go to the mall over in Monroe or Shreveport. *laughs* I wonder, maybe I can find some things online? Maybe I’ll get lucky *glances over at Sam and smiles* luckier, I mean and Amazon will wrap anything purchased as a gift.

I don’t suppose getting @Emma_Were one of the Merlotte’s waitress uniforms would be the best idea. Not only does it break child labor laws but with the anti-supe sentiment floating around, I expect idiots are going to start trying to restrict shifters from working in food service because of “health concerns”. You know the same ones they cite for prohibiting anything but service animals in a restaurant *shakes head*. It’s silly if you ask me. Especially when we’re in human form.

*shopping online while making brunch* I suppose I could get myself a Merlotte’s t-shirt, just in case there’s anyone on the planet that doesn’t know I’m crazy about Sam *laughs* If they don’t, they really haven’t been paying attention. Then again, maybe I should just borrow one that smells like Sam from his closet. Yeah, I like that idea better….

*still has no idea what to get Sam when she happens upon:  almost chokes, she’s laughing so hard* Oh this is too funny. He’d probably kill me but *laughs more* who could resist? Maybe I can coax his buddy over and dress him up…blame it on @Sookie_BT or @ArleneFowler

*hears Sam waking, quickly shuts the laptop* I’ll have to finish my shopping up later. Maybe after a second helping of dessert?


Seems like @SamMerlotteTB has called in some help to find a Halloween costume….

I appreciate Tara's help, and Pam's influence has certainly improved her look, but somehow this costume just doesn't seem right for Sam…especially if he's going to be taking @emma_were trick-or-treating. He could just shift but that doesn't really sound like much fun. Besides, I know Emma is looking forward to seeing and being seen with him. So maybe something like this would be better:


After all, where better to hide a shifter than inside a monster plushy?


Us and…?

Riding home from Martha’s Luna tried not to fume. The woman could be so damn stubborn!  A tired smile tugged at her lips.

“Pot meet kettle.” she murmured against Emma’s hair.

Emma didn’t stir, she was so tired, and probably confused, too, but Sam must have heard her whispered words, he glanced over in her direction. He could probably guess what she was thinking, but Luna told him anyway.

“Martha can be stubborn but I never dreamed she would cut herself off from…” Not wanting Emma to realize she was talking about her, Luna let her eyes falls to the dark head snuggled against her.

“Well, ya never know, she may come around yet,” Sam told her.

Luna considered debating the point but held her peace. He’s been right before when he urged her to let Martha play a role in Emma’s life. She hadn’t wanted to hear it then. Tonight, Martha hadn’t wanted to hear she wasn’t the only one who made mistakes. She supposed she could understand that. But if Martha thought she was going to get another apology she was sadly mistaken. Luna had offered her hand. Now it was up to Martha to take it or not.

Glancing out the window, Luna realized they weren’t heading back to Sam’s trailer. It wasn’t long before they pulled up to her house. Luna looked at Sam quizzically.

“Thought you ladies might want your own clothes,” he explained .

“Now that you mention it,” Luna smiled. “Not that I object to wearing your clothes, but they don’t really fit Emma.”

Sam smiled, she could tell from the heat in his eye that he liked that she liked her in his shirt. She opened the door and hopped out, only to discover Emma had fallen asleep.

“Want me to carry her to bed?” Sam asked softly, so as not to wake her.

“If you would,” Luna told him, like the idea of him coming inside. Maybe she could talk him into staying…

Now what?

It has not been the best night. Actually, that’s an understatement. It’s been about the worst night I can imagine.

First Sam surrenders to a bunch of angry Weres out of some misguided idea that he owes to Alcide not to reveal who really killed Marcus. I mean come on! Alcide killed Marcus! Exactly how is keeping that a secret a good thing for anyone?And besides, isn’t it Alcide choice as to whether he tells his Pack or not? Frankly, I  surprised he hid it at all, since he’s now the Packmaster.

Then, once we get that straightened out, thanks to Alcide himself setting the record straight, we get to watch the wolves eat Marcus. Sometimes I really have to wonder about Were traditions. Talk about disgusting. Marcus had been dead and buried for days!

I thought things would be ok once I got Sam out of there and back to my place. Instead things went from bad to worse. Not only did Martha have the gall to come calling, Sam let her in! There is no way that woman is coming anywhere near Emma. She just ate her son! That is not the kind of influence Emma needs, I don’t care if Martha is Emma’s grandmother.

And Sam…i can’t believe Sam would condone it. But apparently, he does. Well, he doesn’t know Martha. I do. And he doesnt’ know what’s best for Emma, either. I do. If sam doesn’t have my back, well, I don’t need him. No matter how much I may want him. Right now protecting Emma comes first.

So I threw him out. Yeah, not smart but…what was I supposed to do?

That should have been the end to my night. I was emotionally drained from a roller coaster rider of fear and anger. All I wanted was to go to bed and wake up tomorrow and have this whole mess be nothing but a bad dream.

Assuming I can get Emma to settle down and fall asleep, that is. What the heck is she doing in there?? *opens Emma’s bedroom door* Oh….

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