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*really hopes Sam has my back….* This week and every week!


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There’s good news and bad news

The True Blood Season 5 teaser featuring Sam and Luna is here and it’s a good news, bad news kind of thing. The good news is Sam is still there for me. The bad news is…something bad is happening, again. #Waitingsucks, especially when you’re worried about what’s going to happen to your daughter.

(Lafayette’s) Spoiler Rules

With Season 5 of True Blood just around the corner, spoiler season has begun. Alan Ball is notorious for limiting what the actors and crews on his television series can say publicly, but inevitably hints emerge. And it doesn’t end with the season premiere either. Spoiler season continues throughout the first run of the show.

Fortunately, several celebrities from a variety of popular series have come together to set down some rules regarding spoilers. Among these concerned and caring performers is True Blood‘s own Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette).

Truebies everywhere, but especially those living on the West Coast and outside the U.S. owe these talented men and women a debt of thanks for their help in ending spoilers.

Remember, we all like to talk about True Blood and many of us even tweet during the show. Although it can seem like a great big viewing party on Twitter every Sunday night, please remember, it isn’t. In other words, follow these simple guidelines, and don’t tweet spoilers! Thank you.


No magic clothes?

I owe Alcide a lot. I owe him for helping me find Emma when Marcus took her. I owe him for killing Marcus not just because he freed Emma and me from a life of fear and violence but also because he saved Sam and spared him from being a killer. And now, it seems I owe him for being honest and practical about what it’s like being two-natured.

In recent comments to Independent Online, actor Joe Manganiello, True Blood‘s own Alcide Hevereaux, explained that when you’re a shifter or a Were, nudity is just something you deal with. Whatever magic it is that allows us to transform from human to animal and back again, does NOT work on clothes. In other words, we spend a lot of time naked and looking for clothes. It’s just a fact of life for us.

It seems I also owe Alcide some thanks for all his hard work he puts in at the gym in order to make the two-natured look good.

So, thanks, Alcide. For everything. Now, do you suppose you could get the Pack off Sam and my back and let Emma grow up in peace for a few years until her nature manifests itself?


Out on the Town

Actress Janina Gavankar has been a bit of a social butterfly lately, according to The Vault. Unfortunately, she hasn’t let any news slip about what’s in store for Luna in the fifth season of True Blood.

On an up note, I do have some wonderful new outfits to wear out on dates with @SamMerlotteTB. This is my favorite. I wonder if Sam likes hats?



True Blood losing Alan Ball as a writer?

The rumor that Alan Ball may be limiting his future writing contributions to True Blood has been floating around for a while. Now, it looks like they just might be true…if you consider Forbes a credible source for Hollywood news. No timeframe has been identified, which probably means he’ll continue writing actively for the original HBO series until after he ruins my happily ever after with Sam….