Month: July 2015

Once in a Blue Moon

Emilio hadn’t told her anything.

It was what he hadn’t said that gave her heart wings.

When she first approached Martha’s caretaker, ranch hand, whatever, disguised as one of the women from the Reservation, she’d been terrified of what she might learn. She’d lingered outside Merlotte’s as long as she dared but no one, it seemed, was discussing Emma and Martha’s absence. She’d tried to steer clear of Sam and any Were or Panthers who had turned up but her need for information eventually brought her back around. Just like it brought her here tonight.

According to Emilio, Emma and Martha weren’t here. That much, Luna had already figured out for herself. He denied knowing where they were. Didn’t know when or even if they’d be back. That was all it took. They were alive! And they still had the protection of the Pack or there would have been more to hear than silence. The unspoken reassurance that Martha and Emma had left on their own terms and were staying away for their own reasons brought her back to life.

She stripped off her “borrowed” clothes, careful to soak them in the pond Sam loved to swim in to wash away her scent. As the sun disappeared beneath the horizon, she could feel the lure of the full moon tugging at her even though she’d been skin walking. Evidently, skin walking didn’t ease that itch. It didn’t matter. She made better time on four feet than two anyway. Shifting back into the now familiar collie form, Luna began to run. Without any idea where Martha and Emma might have gone, Luna followed her instincts heading south. After all, in Louisiana all roads lead to New Orleans….