Month: November 2012

Everyone with a Facebook profile should be aware of this, whether they comment on it or not.


Black Friday Shopping

*yawns and stretches. rolling over to watch @SamMerlotteTB sleeping*

Every day after Thanksgiving should start like this. Unfortunately, I have lots of things to do and can’t just lie around being lazy. I told Sam we needed to get the Christmas decorations out today and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Maybe even put a few of them up…we’ll see. I don’t know that I’m that ambitious yet.

I’m certainly not ambitious enough to go to the mall over in Monroe or Shreveport. *laughs* I wonder, maybe I can find some things online? Maybe I’ll get lucky *glances over at Sam and smiles* luckier, I mean and Amazon will wrap anything purchased as a gift.

I don’t suppose getting @Emma_Were one of the Merlotte’s waitress uniforms would be the best idea. Not only does it break child labor laws but with the anti-supe sentiment floating around, I expect idiots are going to start trying to restrict shifters from working in food service because of “health concerns”. You know the same ones they cite for prohibiting anything but service animals in a restaurant *shakes head*. It’s silly if you ask me. Especially when we’re in human form.

*shopping online while making brunch* I suppose I could get myself a Merlotte’s t-shirt, just in case there’s anyone on the planet that doesn’t know I’m crazy about Sam *laughs* If they don’t, they really haven’t been paying attention. Then again, maybe I should just borrow one that smells like Sam from his closet. Yeah, I like that idea better….

*still has no idea what to get Sam when she happens upon: ¬†almost chokes, she’s laughing so hard* Oh this is too funny. He’d probably kill me but *laughs more* who could resist? Maybe I can coax his buddy over and dress him up…blame it on @Sookie_BT or @ArleneFowler

*hears Sam waking, quickly shuts the laptop* I’ll have to finish my shopping up later. Maybe after a second helping of dessert?

Guess who came to dinner?

Locking the door after @MarthaBozemanTB left, I couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. I refused to let fear rule my life but it was reassuring to know that Emma would be looked after if the worst happened. After checking to make sure everything was locked up tight, I peeked into @Emma_Were’s room. She was sleeping like the little angel that she was.

Despite pretending that no one had seen me shift out of Steve Newlin’s form or recognized me if they did happen to catch the broadcast, I knew there was going to be a price to pay. Someday, somehow, someone would have to pay for outing the two-natured. I was determined that when that day came, I alone would pay it. Not Emma. Not @SamMerlotteTB. Not even Martha. After all, it was my face everyone saw, not theirs. I could only hope that they wouldn’t be guilty simply by association.

It felt strange, thinking of Martha as…something other than the enemy. But I couldn’t deny that she adored Emma. What had happened with the vampires…hadn’t been Martha’s fault. JD should have stopped it. I could admit that if @AlcideH hadn’t taken care of that situation, I cheerfully would have as soon as I was able. Being married to Marcus had a few perks. Like knowing how to take out a wolf without raising suspicions. The problem with that plan had always been the power vacuum it would lead. Alcide had solved that too by reluctantly taking up the reins of leadership.

That was another conversation I was going to have to have eventually. Emma was a Were, taking after her Daddy, and would need to learn the ways of the Pack. Martha would teach her but she’d need the protection of the Packmaster, especially now. Shifters were by nature loners. Weres weren’t, and right now, there was safety in numbers for Emma. Maybe I should talk to Sam about running with the wolves for a few full moons. Emma would enjoy it and if they got used to seeing us maybe…

I gave myself a stern mental shake. Thoughts like that were getting me nowhere. I told myself, again, that no one had see that stupid broadcast. The few who had, certainly wouldn’t recognize a small town school-teacher from rural Louisiana. Everything was going to be just fine….¬†

Now if only I believed me.

Making my way back to my bedroom, I let the brave mask drop just long enough for a few tears to fall. Being an outsider was nothing new to me but I didn’t want that for Emma. Pulling on a pair of sweats and one of Sam’s t-shirts that I’d neglected to wash so it was still filled with his scent, I climbed into bed. I reached for the phone and dialed Sam’s number. I didn’t want him to worry, though I knew he was.

“Hey, Sam, it’s Luna. Just thought I’d let you know Martha came over for dinner tonight. I’m afraid your plushy costume was discussed.”

My stab at humor failed even to my ears but I wasn’t going to take it back.

“Anyway, Emma had a great time with Grandma and both Martha and I survived.”

Oddly, that was an understatement. By the time Martha left, we were in a better place than we’d been in years.

“Just thought I’d let you know, everything was fine. And…” I took a deep breath then rushed through the next words “I miss you.”

I hit the End button before I could change my mind.