Month: September 2012

Us and…?

Riding home from Martha’s Luna tried not to fume. The woman could be so damn stubborn!  A tired smile tugged at her lips.

“Pot meet kettle.” she murmured against Emma’s hair.

Emma didn’t stir, she was so tired, and probably confused, too, but Sam must have heard her whispered words, he glanced over in her direction. He could probably guess what she was thinking, but Luna told him anyway.

“Martha can be stubborn but I never dreamed she would cut herself off from…” Not wanting Emma to realize she was talking about her, Luna let her eyes falls to the dark head snuggled against her.

“Well, ya never know, she may come around yet,” Sam told her.

Luna considered debating the point but held her peace. He’s been right before when he urged her to let Martha play a role in Emma’s life. She hadn’t wanted to hear it then. Tonight, Martha hadn’t wanted to hear she wasn’t the only one who made mistakes. She supposed she could understand that. But if Martha thought she was going to get another apology she was sadly mistaken. Luna had offered her hand. Now it was up to Martha to take it or not.

Glancing out the window, Luna realized they weren’t heading back to Sam’s trailer. It wasn’t long before they pulled up to her house. Luna looked at Sam quizzically.

“Thought you ladies might want your own clothes,” he explained .

“Now that you mention it,” Luna smiled. “Not that I object to wearing your clothes, but they don’t really fit Emma.”

Sam smiled, she could tell from the heat in his eye that he liked that she liked her in his shirt. She opened the door and hopped out, only to discover Emma had fallen asleep.

“Want me to carry her to bed?” Sam asked softly, so as not to wake her.

“If you would,” Luna told him, like the idea of him coming inside. Maybe she could talk him into staying…