Month: June 2012

Now what?

It has not been the best night. Actually, that’s an understatement. It’s been about the worst night I can imagine.

First Sam surrenders to a bunch of angry Weres out of some misguided idea that he owes to Alcide not to reveal who really killed Marcus. I mean come on! Alcide killed Marcus! Exactly how is keeping that a secret a good thing for anyone?And besides, isn’t it Alcide choice as to whether he tells his Pack or not? Frankly, I  surprised he hid it at all, since he’s now the Packmaster.

Then, once we get that straightened out, thanks to Alcide himself setting the record straight, we get to watch the wolves eat Marcus. Sometimes I really have to wonder about Were traditions. Talk about disgusting. Marcus had been dead and buried for days!

I thought things would be ok once I got Sam out of there and back to my place. Instead things went from bad to worse. Not only did Martha have the gall to come calling, Sam let her in! There is no way that woman is coming anywhere near Emma. She just ate her son! That is not the kind of influence Emma needs, I don’t care if Martha is Emma’s grandmother.

And Sam…i can’t believe Sam would condone it. But apparently, he does. Well, he doesn’t know Martha. I do. And he doesnt’ know what’s best for Emma, either. I do. If sam doesn’t have my back, well, I don’t need him. No matter how much I may want him. Right now protecting Emma comes first.

So I threw him out. Yeah, not smart but…what was I supposed to do?

That should have been the end to my night. I was emotionally drained from a roller coaster rider of fear and anger. All I wanted was to go to bed and wake up tomorrow and have this whole mess be nothing but a bad dream.

Assuming I can get Emma to settle down and fall asleep, that is. What the heck is she doing in there?? *opens Emma’s bedroom door* Oh….

True Blood Emma Becomes a Were

*wishing I could change things, maybe explain myself…*


Well by now, I guess ya all have seen that Sam got  told to leave Luna’s house an’ he politely accepted. Hmmm….. It didn’t really go down that way, so here I am, back at the bar, wonderin’ if I kinda blew it with Luna an’ Emma. Ya know all I wanted was for us to be together an’ I care what happens with Emma, she’s a real sweet kid. There was this idea in my head that me an’ Luna were in this together. Wrong, right?

So Luna bein’ Luna, well, let’s say it this way, thinks I should keep the fuck outta hers an’ her daughters business. I ain’t family an’ she knows best.

Seems maybe things ain’t gonna end up like I thought they were gonna, but who knows, ya don’t go through what we all have in the last days to have it all end this…

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