Month: May 2012

#TrueBlood on Twitter, Gimme Four Before

#TrueBlood on Twitter, Gimme Four Before Five! Trivia Contest June 7th, 8pm cdt. Details here, Sign up today!


What’s happenin’ here?

Some of the screen caps from the first True Blood Season 5 trailer seriously make me wonder what’s happening with Sam….

My mother-in-law was always a bitch. In every sense of the word.

But the idea of someone hurting Sam. and probably hurting him because of me…. *closes eyes, refusing to think of it*

Reminders of Sam Merlotte

I don’t really need a reason to think about Sam. Truth his,he’s on my mind more than he probably should be. And lately, well, since that stupid mistake during the last full moon, he’s been on my mind even more. I didn’t think that was possible.

Anyway, as I was driving to pick up @Emma_Were from Brownies this afternoon, this song came on the radio. It’s called Howlin’ for My Baby by M. Ward and I think it was from True Blood Season 2, which was long before we met. Still it makes me smile and think of him…and hope Season 5 will be good to us.

Who doesn’t like Sam? Good luck with your Fangathon and your fang thang.

Upstatetraildude's Blog

I’m hoping the following disclosure doesn’t cause me to be excommunicated from the TB/SVM community;

I own the first three seasons of True Blood. On Blu-Ray. Outrageous? How about the fact I’ve never watched a single episode from those discs? Or a part of an episode? Or inserted a disc in the player? I’ve dusted them off from time to time. Moved them around – from shelf to drawer to back on the shelf. Moved them into a new entertainment center… But haven’t used them.

The reason for it escapes me. Maybe I can pay a therapist $300/hour to uncover the secret of why I buy the sets but never watch them. I’m sure it’s something deep-rooted, requiring years to resolve. Probably boils down to being bit by a spider as a child or being weaned from breast feeding too soon or being jealous of my mom’s affection for my…

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