Month: April 2012

There’s good news and bad news

The True Blood Season 5 teaser featuring Sam and Luna is here and it’s a good news, bad news kind of thing. The good news is Sam is still there for me. The bad news is…something bad is happening, again. #Waitingsucks, especially when you’re worried about what’s going to happen to your daughter.


Sorry, Sam, I hate the headstone….and hope you get the nappy ending you deserve.


So ya might have all read the words that Luna wrote the other day. I wonder what ya’ll think of her idea of Sookie an’ Sam endin’ up together. Me, I’m not so sure, so here’s my take.

Firstly the books. I reckon, that cluviel dor might just be the answer that Sookie has been lookin’ for. I think that might hold the solution to her “Eric” problem. How ’bout she uses it’s power to make him human again, they grow old together an’ live out the rest of their days in happiness? Do ya reckon the big Viking would be happy with that scenario? Nah, me neither. I goin’ for she turns him inta a fairy an’ they run off to some fae dimension, never to be seen again, but please Sookie, when ya get there can ya get ya teeth fixed.

As for the show, well, your guess is…

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And the last SVM book is…Dead Ever After

Author Charlaine Harris has announced that the title of the final Sookie Stackhouse novel will be…Dead Ever After.

Sounds like Sookie’s going to get her happy ending. I’m glad. She deserves it. Well, I’m glad as long as her happily ever after isn’t with Sam. I’m kinda hoping I’ll manage that one.

I know, I know. Alan Ball is not big on happy endings. So I shouldn’t be holding my breath. And besides, even if Sam and Sookie end up together in the Dead Ever After, that doesn’t mean they’ll end up together in True Blood when that series ends.

Still, I can’t help worrying about it. I’ve suspected for a while he and Sookie might be sweet on each other. But she had her vamps and lately, well, Sam and I are getting along real well. He deserves a happy ending just as much as Sookie does. And if being with Sookie makes him happy….

Who am I kidding? I won’t accept that gracefully. I’ll fight for him every step of the way. Ok, so I’m not the bat from the Southern Vampire Mysteries books. I want what I want. And what I want is Sam. I’m just not ready to tell him that. Sorry, Sookie.

True Blood Season 4
What a great camping trip that was.

Spring Cleaning

It wasn’t all bad.

Sitting here with a box of old photos, it’s easy to remember why I fell in love with Marcus. The face smiling up at me is a young wolf, ambitious but free-spirited. The Marcus I met was always on the move, going wherever the wind blew him. One day, it blew him into the Navajo Nation and then it blew out a tire on his bike.

It’s not easy to find a motorcycle repair shop on the Rez. There are plenty of shade tree mechanics. It’s the parts that are hard to come by, or were before the casino cash started rolling in. Even now, with all that new income, there are parts of the Nation without running water or electricity.

He spent nearly a week waiting for parts and almost another making repairs. Most of the locals avoided him, saying he was dangerous and mean. They didn’t come right out and call him a crook, but they made sure to count the change and lock up the valuables, especially their daughters when he was around. My father warned me, I’ll give him that. But I wasn’t valuable enough to lock away. Sometimes I wonder if they didn’t want me to run off with Marcus.

They couldn’t have been surprised when I took the first chance for escape that crossed my path. Marcus made it so easy. He was charming and funny. He told me I was beautiful and smart. He didn’t sneer at me for being a shifter, even though he was a Were. He didn’t understand why my own people treated me like an outcast. I don’t think he knew, then, that I was a skinwalker.

Anyway, he asked me to leave with him. I’m ashamed to admit, I’d fallen in love in less than two weeks. When his bike was fixed, I threw a very few things in a duffle bag and walked out the door, vowing never to look back.

The first few months were amazing. I saw and did things I never even imagined before. We went to California and explored the coast before heading back East and south through the mountains. That was when things started to change. At first I didn’t notice. Then, the first time I got pregnant, we settled in Shreveport. I miscarried, which isn’t unusual for us, but I was terrified about what it meant. That’s when I told Marcus about the skinwalking. He wasn’t angry, at least not as angry as I thought he would be. There was more more calculated about his reaction. Things grew strained between us. He was already rising in the Pack and by the time I got pregnant with Emma, he was Pack Leader.

For little while things were perfect. Emma had him tied around her little finger from the moment the doctor put her in his arms. We stopped arguing, both lost in the pure joy of this perfect little person we had created. It was an idyllic time. Better even than when I had run away with him. We were just a happy family.

Looking at the photos, it’s so easy to remember. And so hard to forget….